Quality Policy

Our Quality policy

At Callisto, every process of manufacturing is a synonym of quality. Before we conceive a product, we do a lot of research work in our R & D laboratory, after analyzing the in-depth understanding of client’s needs. The quality control starts from the procurement of the raw materials, through various production stages, and upto the final product. Perfection of quality is our motto, as growth, we believe, undergoes a product innovation and quality. The quality policy is based upon two interacting factors: total customer satisfaction and optimized internal processes. Our success depends on its ability to meet and satisfy our customer’s requirements and how well our internal processes function to meet the external demands.

A team of technical experts are involved in identifying quickly spawn and support innovative products for the changing international market.

At Callisto, the quality policy involves re-designing business processes to take advantages of enormous product competencies and no-compromise on quality consciousness. Callistobelieves value for money, global market competition, radical product innovation, product technology and management techniques for a better quality system.

Our Quality policy envisages re-design of operating process, focused on strong research and development base to achieve quality improvement on product and service and in increasing the market share and better profitability.

Our Q/C & R&D lab is well equipped with most modern equipments for testing of Reactive Dyes and is being regularly upgraded with new systems and devices as per market needs.