Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Callisto is at the forefront of preserving the environment. All our processes undergo constant improvement to minimize their impact on the environment. Health and safety of our workforce are a core part of our corporate social responsibility.

We believe in innovation, entrepreneurship, international standards and high quality in order to take on the challenges against global competition. The primary objective of the company is to create a brand image and products positioning in the international market and, hence, we give priority to offer value based products to our customers from time to time, keeping in mind, the international standards and quality.

Callisto dye manufacturing plant in Ahmedabad is a certified facility, having completed the statutory requirements. As a certified facility, Callisto demonstrates its commitment to environmental, health, safety and security practices and has exceeded the minimum compliance requirements.

It is the policy of the company to deal with only those products, which are environment friendly. We wish to be part of responsible citizenry. Our products comply with the Environment Safety and Preservation Guidelines. We are equipped to deal with certifications required in this regard.

In business of colors, our prime objective is to leave a lasting impression of our quality in the mind of our esteemed clients and also a positive environmental footprint.

As a Company we believe in the importance of improvement, not only in technology and quality but also in the implementation of environmental mindfulness so that we create a better place for the upcoming generations.

Environmental Procedures

In the process of manufacturing our products we have high qualified team and machinery that allow us to provide high quality standards by preserving at the same time the environment. All our products are filtered through Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water purification technology. We also focus on the removal of hazardous substances that may be harmful for end users of our dyes. We count with an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to ensure the safe disposal of waste water to the environment and to meet the Standards for emission or discharge of environmental pollutants and contribute this way in sustainable development. In order to make our products the safest possible for different uses especially in textile, we base our procedures in international standards and regulations, trying always to comply strictly with environmental procedures.