About Us

About Our Callisto

Callisto is a leading dyestuff & chemical manufacturer and solution provider, offering customers across the globe a broad portfolio of colorants, specialty chemicals, and services.

Callisto begin its journey in 1992 with a small scale production unit of Intermediates and some basic dyes in Vatva, Ahmedabad. Through innovation and dedication to Quality & Consumer Satisfaction, as well as our commitment to research and development, we have been able to establish a prominent presence in these products and have succeeded in meeting the requirements of a broad range of customers all across the globe.

With a goal to achieve high quality products and a total dedication to customer satisfaction, Callisto is involved in round the clock innovations and researches at the state-of-art laboratory established by it to meet with the promises put forth by us at the most competitive rates, under one roof.

Our Mission & Vision

Callisto chemicals is committed to manufacturing uncompromized and supplying quality dyestuffs and chemicals to all our national and international customers, at competitive rates.

We are committed to developing and offering customer-friendly products through unconventional routes.

We believe in adopting innovative, cost-reduction practices and passing on the benefit to our customers.

Caring for our customers and attending to their problems, is our top priority

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